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My Story

Anthony Hayes

I started out in my first job as a museum photographer for the Harris Museum in Preston, and continued in the photographic business as a printer and finisher before broadening my practice into sculpture and other art forms, which I exhibited in the UK and abroad. Qualified and experienced with a wide range of learners, I have taught in many diverse settings, from community residencies and colleges to company headquarters and even a Category A prison. I seem to have come full circle from my first job, this time helping others to take their photos.

Learning is about being passionate but also having the chance to fail without feeling that this is the end of your journey.

In my teaching I aim to provide stimulating practical tasks and thought-provoking projects. I also want to focus on the individual wherever they are in their journey.

Most courses are run from the historic Westbury Arts Centre in Milton Keynes.

Google Maps Westbury Art Centre

I also use the historic Towcester Chantry House as a base, with trips to Buckingham, Oxford, Woodstock and the Cotswolds.

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