Fire spinning was a great way to start our New Year course and we were rewarded with some thrilling images despite the discomfort of a bitterly cold evening. We chose to include the added drama of reflections from a local lake and this worked so well. I stood on the end of a jetty whirring the glowing wire wool in a metal whisk. The resulting showers of sparks were very clear against the huge dark blue sky. Walking and rotating the whisk resulted in an exciting line of overlapping circles.

I have detailed the technicalities of this effect in a previous post but basically it is a time exposure on a tripod of 10 – 15 seconds, f/8 and ISO 100. Regarding focus, the autofocus seems to latch on to the sparks effectively once they begin. I advised people to use manual focus and prefocus on me before the action started but this may have caused more problems than it solved?

Many thanks to Angie Selby, Irene Sharper, Sean Morgan, Gill Marshall and Dan Newton for permission to showcase their images here. Well done folks!