Capturing townscapes at night, when familiar landmarks look so different, introduces us to a whole new world. The atmosphere is dramatic and full of potential for story telling. There are often reminders of the world of cinema in street lights, silhouettes and strong contrasts of light and shade.

ISO is going to be a crucial setting. I would recommend ISO 1600, 1/60th second and your widest aperture as a starting point. Adjust aperture downwards as necessary. For handheld working you don’t want to go below 1/60th in case you incur camera shake or subject movement. If you are going to use a tripod you can lengthen the shutter speed, of course. Personally I don’t want to be lumbered with a tripod. Roaming freely and composing quickly allows more spontaneity and response to creative ideas.

I think this is great opportunity for engaging the imagination and seeing the world anew – surely a valuable goal for our photography. So allow yourself to be inventive.

If you feel vulnerable working alone then suggest it as an outing to fellow enthusiasts. That way you can keep an eye on personal safety during the evening. Build in a coffee break to catch up with each other’s progress!