I just wanted to talk about the power of the humble silhouette while showcasing the images of student Claire Adams. As our group photo walk around Towcester drew to a close I asked people to try silhouetting the skyline features. It was dusk but with still a reasonable amount of light in a cloudy sky.

In creating a silhouette you are effectively under exposing  the subject against a brighter background, in this case the sky. Claire’s settings were 1/1000s, f/5.6 and 800ISO. So a very fast shutter speed indeed for these lighting conditions. What I also like about her images is the grainy quality which seems to add to the dusky mood.

You can accentuate grain by using a high ISO or by adding a filter later in editing. Photoshop has an ‘Add grain’ filter for instance.

So well done Claire for these exciting images and next time you are out and about in failing light look up to the skyline and think about silhouettes!